Barbed Wire Fenses

The other day I had to go into Pollsmoor Prison to drop off some papers. (They are a client of mine).

Off the topic, did you know they have a restaurant there where the prisoners serve and cook the meals.

Anyway, as I drove through the security, and the tyre spikes, I immediently noticed the barbed wire fensing. As I stopped and look at it, wondering who was inside the walls and what they had done to get there. What there family and friends thought of them, what they thought of themselves. It made me think that we are all prisoners of our own thoughts, some of us dont want others to know too much, possibly we have been hurt in the past, we have build up our own barbed wire fenses to keep the secrets in and the outside world out. While others try to reach into us through the barbed wire, they get scratched possible hurt from the pain.

Our lives do not need to consist of concrete walls keeping our thoughts or secrets in, we do not need to build up barbed wire fenses. Start today, to try and trust others a little more, try hard to break down a fenses or too. We are all humans, capible of good and evil. Start seeing everyone you encounter today as more good than evil.

We all have a story to tell.


About peiserclan

Mother of two boys, who is married to the best husband in the world and who loves a great challenge!
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